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Where Do I Send My Proof of Loss in Support of My Flood Insurance Claim?

Where Do I Send My Proof of Loss in Support of My Flood Insurance Claim?

For thousands of New York and New Jersey homeowners who have still not settled their flood insurance claim as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the deadline to file a flood insurance Proof of Loss with supporting documentation is October 28, 2013.  (A Proof of Loss is a form used by the policyholder to support the amount they are claiming under their policy, which must then be signed and sworn to, and submitted with supporting documentation). Failure to submit a timely and properly completed Proof of Loss with supporting documentation can preclude any additional recovery, even if a supplement is pending. (Click here to read the previous blog post “Supplemental Flood Insurance Claims: Not an Extension of the Proof of Loss Deadline.”)

According to FEMA’s website, if the Standard Flood Insurance Policy was issued by a Write Your Own program-participating insurance company (which includes every insurance company except FEMA Direct), policyholders should contact their insurance agent or the carrier directly to find out the proper address for submitting your Proof of Loss with supporting documentation. Note that FEMA does not state that the policyholder should ask the insurance adjuster where to send the Proof of Loss. Given the importance of the submission, the policyholder would be wise to send the Proof of Loss in a manner that can be tracked and to confirm its receipt with the insurance company.   

FEMA’s website goes on to state that if the Standard Flood Insurance Policy was issued by FEMA directly through the Direct Servicing Agent, the only addresses to which the Proof of Loss and supporting documentation must be sent are the following: Regular Mail: NFIP Direct Servicing Agent, P.O. Box 2966, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-1366 or Overnight Mail: NFIP Direct Servicing Agent, 7701 College Blvd., Suite 150, Overland Park, KS 66210.

About the Author: Christopher W. Gerold is an attorney in Wolff & Samson’s Disaster Recovery Claims Group. Chris represents homeowners, condominium associations and businesses with their Sandy related insurance claims with a special focus on flood insurance. For more information on flood insurance and ways Wolff & Samson can help you with your flood insurance claim, please contact Chris at (973) 530-2061.